Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Licensing



This research tool analyses the features of specific types of licensing agreements. It also addresses other practical issues, across different types of licensing transactions.

(Edward Elgar, 2013)

ISBN-13: 978-1849804400


‘This Research Handbook provides a valuable mix of practical and theoretical perspectives on IP licensing and will serve as a reference resource for scholars and practitioners in this field of study.’

Francesco Parisi, University of Minnesota, US and University of Bologna, Italy


The handbook is a welcome addition to the scant and scattered literature on the subject of licensing law. It stands tall as an invaluable source of reference for the scholars of intellectual property. It is a must possess for anybody who works in the domain of intellectual property and for everybody who wants to learn it. The handbook is relevant for the practitioner and the academician, for the manager and the student and in short, for one and all connected in some way with the ever interesting and growing body of intellectual property law. In a milieu where the nature and features of licensing law remain quite unclear and susceptible to misunderstanding, the handbook succeeds in offering an integrated analysis and constructing a framework for understanding the complex and evolving body of licensing law. The goal of the handbook as underlined by the editor in its preface, “to offer some policy perspectives on the topic,”5 has been verily accomplished, for the work is certain to stimulate policy debates on the themes covered in the book. It contains many suggestions, directions and insinuations for the policy makers and the interpreters of law. It is full of seeds and open threads that could be picked by the future researcher who will take up the task of further elaborating and developing the subject of licensing.

Dr Raman Mittal, Les Nouvelles, 5/3/14