Our Approach


Anderson Law LLP has been providing legal services to the business and research communities for over 20 years. We have grown steadily with our clients’ needs, mostly on the basis of personal

view from plane, according to Mark's iPhone

view from plane, according to Mark’s iPhone

recommendations. We have particular expertise in advising clients in the life sciences, IT, telecoms, gaming, university and research sectors. Our practice covers a range of commercial law subjects, but we are best known for commercial transactions where intellectual property (IP) is involved. We also advise and assist our clients in dealing with commercial disputes.

Our clients include technology-based companies (both public and privately-owned), leading universities and research institutes, hospitals, technology transfer organisations, SMEs, entrepreneurs, investors and inventors, based both in the UK and overseas.

Our approach is to provide high-quality legal support, and a quick and efficient service, delivered by lawyers who are engaging and good to work with. We place a strong emphasis on quality – quality of legal advice; quality (including speed) of service; and quality in the ability and experience of our people. We like to work closely with clients, as part of their commercial team, and to build a long-term working relationship with them.

We are transparent about our expertise and experience. Where a client requires the services of other specialists, we will assist them to find the best people for the job.

As we are an English firm of solicitors, it is perhaps not surprising that most of our clients are based in the UK. But we also have clients in other European countries, in North America and in Australasia. We have participated in face-to-face negotiations in the US, Japan and several European countries. We also have experience of working in Africa and the Middle East.

We are qualified to advise on English law, including European laws that have effect in the UK (e.g. EU competition laws). Where advice is required on the law of other countries, we can help our client to find a suitable lawyer or firm to give that advice. We know some good lawyers in several countries through previous transactions on which we have worked, and through our legal writing and training projects. In other cases we can suggest which lawyers named in international legal directories are likely to be suitable for our client’s needs, and help our client to interview and, if appropriate, instruct them.

Please contact us to discuss if we can assist you with your legal matters.