‘Pro Bono’ Work


The Latin phrase pro bono publico – for the good of the public – is often abbreviated to pro bono. In the context of legal services, the phrase usually refers to work done without charge, for deserving causes.pro bono

Anderson Law does not have a formal pro bono programme, though its staff do provide free legal advice from time to time. Recent examples include:

  1. Victor Warner is the long-term Secretary of, and volunteer adviser for, the Richmond Legal Advice Service, a drop-in advice centre based in Richmond, Surrey. Many years ago, when Mark Anderson lived in Richmond, he was the co-chair of RLAS.
  2. Victor is a former volunteer adviser, as a representative of Anderson Law, at the Royal Courts of Justice branch of the Citizens’ Advice Bureau.
  3. Paul Maclennan has for several years provided legal advice to the Hebridean Celtic Festival, an annual music festival held in Stornaway, Lewis.
  4. Mark Anderson has advised Golden Balls Limited on certain aspects of its David and Goliath trade mark dispute with Intrapresse, owners of Ballon d’Or.

Pro bono work is usually distinguished from the following types of activities, all of which we have done on a regular basis:

  • Discounted advice to charities and to people starting a new business.
  • Volunteer work (eg speaking at conferences) for bodies such as PraxisUnico,  ASTP and WIPO. In addition, Paul is a member of the training committee for PraxisUnico.
  • Volunteer work for the Law Society, eg Mark has been a member of its IP Law Committee since 2004 and is now Chairman.