Gaming & Entertainment


The ever expanding gaming and entertainment industry covers many diverse sectors, such as computer and console gaming, film making, book publishing and sponsorship. Our experience reflects our clients’ business interests and tends to focus on specific areas, including computer-based entertainment, character merchandising and book publishing. We occasionally assist with other areas such as commissioning works of art and event sponsorship. The common thread in many of these activities is our familiarity with intellectual property and IT law issues and our wide experience of drafting and negotiating commercial contracts.

We are experienced at advising on legal issues relevant to these diverse businesses, examples include:

  • advising on various e-commerce issues, such as data protection, consumer protection laws, contract formation issues, cooling-off periods in distance sales and consumer laws generally;
  • drafting website terms and conditions;
  • drafting privacy policies and data protection policies for web-based businesses.
  • negotiating contracts with service providers, for instance between an internet bookmaker and its IT developers;
  • negotiating licensing agreements between content developers and their international customers; and
  • advising on and drafting licence applications to various regulatory bodies, including the UK Gambling Commission.


Our focus on this sector includes expertise in the following areas:

Intellectual Property | Application of EU LawsCommercial Agreements | IT ContractsRegulatory | Tax | Employment | Commercial Disputes