Dan Hermele

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 858 878
Email: enquiries@andlaw.eu

Dan qualified as a Barrister and Patent Attorney and has over 20 years’ commercial experience as an IP lawyer in the high-tech sector.   Dan has worked in-house for telecoms giants Qualcomm and Nortel Networks, and in private practice for clients ranging from small technology start-ups to large network operators Orange and British Telecom. Dan holds a BSc in Mathematics and an MA in Law, both from the University of Bristol.

Dan is a frequent speaker and author on topics including IPR protection, licensing and litigation in high-tech sectors, particularly in relation to mobile technology standards.


At Anderson Law, Dan helps clients commercialise their technology through drafting and negotiating IP licensing agreements as well as advising on IP policy and strategy issues.

Dan is recognised as an expert in IP licensing and litigation involving technology standards and FRAND (Fair Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory) licensing.  Dan has served in the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) IPR Special Committee and many other standards organisations’ legal policy groups for over 15 years.


Most recently, Dan worked as a Senior Director and Legal Counsel in Qualcomm Technology Licensing, protecting Qualcomm’s multi-billion-dollar patent licensing business.

Prior to that, Dan led the European IP law department of Nortel Networks handling a range of commercial IP issues including patent portfolio management, IP aspects of supply agreements, and collaborative research agreements.