Diversity statistics 2019

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We are required by our regulator (the SRA) to publish certain diversity statistics for our firm, which appear below. Data published in two previous years can also be found on this website.

Two important caveats:

(1) due to the small size of our firm (11 lawyers at the time the latest data was collected), the data is of limited statistical value. Since the data was collected, we have recruited additional fee-earning staff whose data would alter the report.

(2) in view of the small numbers of people who responded to the survey (10), we have not published the data in full, particularly where the information seemed very sensitive or might identify individuals.

An important measure of diversity is whether diversity extends to senior levels within an organisation. Although not specifically identified in the SRA statistics, in fact 2 of our 5 partners are female, and 3 (including the founder, Mark Anderson) are male.

Our summary diversity data, as reported to us by our staff, is as follows:

  1. Age. 25-34 years: 1. 35-44: 5. 45-54: 2. 55-64: 2.
  2. Gender. M: 6. F: 3. Prefer not to say (PNTS): 1.
  3. Disability. Y: 1. N: 8. PNTS: 1.
  4. Health problem: Y: 1. N: 9.
  5. Ethnic group: Asian: 1. Multiple: 1. UK white: 6. Other white: 1. PNTS: 1.
  6. Attended UK state school: Y: 4. N: 4. Attended school overseas: 2.
  7. First generation to attend university: Y: 5. N: 5.
  8. Primary carer for children: Y: 5. N: 5.
  9. Primary carer for disability/age: N: 9. PNTS: 1.