R&D Agreements

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R&D agreements are part of our core area of expertise, and we have training materials that are suitable for different levels of experience and types of organisation. One instance of this is our standard course on drafting IP terms in research contracts, which is separately mentioned on this section of our website.

We run courses on research and development (R&D) agreements at different levels, including:

  • One, two or three day courses for university contracts staff. Some of these have been targeted at people who are new to university research contracts, other courses have been designed for experienced contract managers and in-house legal departments. We have run courses at many of the leading UK universities and at well-known funding institutions, as well as research-oriented commercial companies.
  • Courses on international R&D agreements for experienced commercial lawyers and managers.


Knowledgeable, good speaker…

Very good practical examples.

Mark…clearly knows the legal and commercial issues inside out and his delivery is very clear and easy to follow.


Mark Anderson.


Please contact Mark Anderson for further information or to discuss a programme that would be suited to your requirements.